“You did what diamond does to glass but saw love bleed through it.”

Yet you think your love isn’t enough.



It’s just another day,

I’m the same. You’re the same.

Everything is the same,

But today I feel a loss of words. 

Today I don’t know what to write about.

I could write the same old things to you,

But look here 

I don’t know how it goes or what it is.

I don’t know what fades and what exists.

I only know one thing,

That I can’t let you go, 

not today nor tomorrow, 

not even in the coming years,

But I can’t explain this to you,

Because my thoughts are in riddles today,

Unable to be deciphered into words.


I seek you in places, behind drapes, in falling leaves, in colorful skies, in seldom moments, in empty gazes,

As if everything that is or was

pulls me back to you,

Fragrances, voices, that do not console

but stay in my heart like an implacable sadness.

And oh dear, my love for you,
Like a fountain,

Keeps dripping; a little more,

Every single time I try to empty it.

But I want you to know this thing,

Without your love, my beloved,

I’m like a tree standing bare

being consumed by the winters wind,

With no spring to rejuvenate.

And I wish to break through your shield,
into this harshness, to oblivion, to an unending darkness, to complete silence,

But whenever you render your arms open,

Your angelic touch drives me back to you; reviving me and setting an inertia,

that doesn’t allow me to stop loving you.

Loving you

I try to move from loving to hating you,

From hue to gray,

From clear skies to dreary nights,

From sweet to bland,

From loud laughters to dead silence,

From hugs and kisses, to separation and then to remembrance.

But hold on still, I can’t unlove you.

I love you so deep. I can’t.

For I love you for no reason but I’m madly driven to you. 

And I want to do it you. To love you so deep that it hurts, me but not you.